Window Grilles From Mohawk Valley Grille Works

Mohawk Valley Grille Works has been producing fine wooden window grilles for over 25 years. Their manufacturing shop can create an unlimited number of custom styles, and a pattern catalogue of 56 standard styles. In addition to fine window grilles, MVGW also creates door fixtures and louvres.

Examples of Grilles

All of these grilles contain wood shaped in various patterns to bring out not only the shape of the window, but also the style. Below are examples of various cuts for our grilles. The images shown below are just the thumbnails of the cuts. If you click on the thumbnail, reveal an enlarged version of the image within the "Enlarged Grille View" pane. All measurements are in inches. Click here to download our grilles in GIF format so that you may print them to scale.

To save grilles GIF image to your hard drive, right-click here and select "Save Target Now"

View Grille Patterns